Collecting payments

I’ve been thinking today about how are we going to collect payments for the experiment. I thought about Stripe, but it’s US only. PayPal also came to mind, but I’ve had so many problems before (and heard of even more horrible stuff happening to other people), that I don’t think I want to take the risk. Then I thought about Gumroad, which I’ve had the pleasure to use before (as a customer, purchasing some of Nathan Barry‘s products), so I know it provides a good experience for the customer.

I was under the impression that it only supported digital products (to be downloaded or delivered by email), so I was excited to find out they now also support asking for shipping information (address, country, zipcode, etc). In other words: support for physical goods that need to be shipped. You still need to upload a file when you create a new product on their system (as a seller), but I contacted them and they said that in this case the best thing is to add a PDF saying something along the lines of “Thank you for purchasing X, your product will be shipped to you soon and, blah blah blah“.

Gumroad’s fee is 5% + $0.25 so I’ll need to take that into account as well when deciding on a final price. However, for the ease of use and quality of the service they provide, it’s a steal. I’ll write more about them once I have actual experience using it as a seller.

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