New Expertiment: Sell Minecraft-themed flowers for Saint Valentine’s Day

The other day I was sitting at the dentist getting my tooth drilled (you really never know when ideas are gonna come up!) and I had an idea for an awesome gift for my girlfriend that I was sure she’d love. She’s really into the game Minecraft, things made out of paper, and gifts; so why not combine them all? I could print out a Minecraft-style red rose made out of paper, put it in some nice wrapping and give it to her for St. Valentine (not that we celebrate it, but still). Genius! I was actually so excited that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and told her. She absolutely loved the idea. Yes, I kind of spoiled the surprised, but I wanted her opinion on what goes next.

I thought: there must be other people out there in my situation (having someone special in their life who loves Minecraft: girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, sister/brother, daughter/son, friend, etc) who would also love to do this but may not have the will, patience or time to actually do it all by themselves. After checking prices for doing it in a high quality manner (premium precision cut paper, style, which we also love) I quickly realized that manufacturing one or two units was very expensive. On the other hand, creating a lot of them (at least, hundreds) brought the price per unit down considerably. So I had a second idea: quickly come up with a prototype and website, promote the hell out of it and see how many sales I can have from now until St. Valentine’s (after which I presume sales would be lower). I have basically one month to pull it off. After talking to a few of my Minecraft-loving friends, I think it could be a great gift for so many people, so I’m quite excited about it. But the deadline until St. Valentine’s Day is very tight.

Yes, it’s not a million dollar idea, and yes, it’s not a business that’s gonna last for years either (quite the contrary). But I think it can be fun, I absolutely love the product and most importantly, it won’t take much of my time (as opposed to most of my ideas for new businesses). I will be reporting here every few days with updates on how the project is going, stats on traffic, sales, etc. which (if they’re good!) I hope may inspire others to pursue their own crazy ideas to make money while at the same time making other people happy.

My name is Manuel and I'm an entrepreneur from Barcelona, Spain. I run SwingLiving and I write here about online businesses, productivity, personal development and more. I hope you enjoy it.
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