We got a domain name: 8bitflorist.com!

We finally settled on a name for the website: 8bitflorist.com. If you go now there will be nothing, so don’t waste your time. How did we come up with it? Glad you asked.

The obvious name was something like MinecraftFlowers.com but I didn’t want to run into legal issues by using their trademark (although I did buy that domain, more on that later). Keeping that in mind, we thought about PixelFlower.com or PixelFlowers.com, but they are both taken. Then my girlfriend came up with 8bit Flower, which I really like, so I registered that one as well. But then I thought, would it be better to call the website / shop 8bit florist, since it’s a place where we sell flowers. And so the final name was decided.

Now, I also registered a bunch of other domains which I plan to redirect to the main one. It’s an old habit of mine, which I recommend, but for this small experiment it may be overkill:


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